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For the database professionals in your IT department, we have developed some tools to monitor DB2® on Linux, Unix and Windows. This suite of programs, gvGraph and gvCollect, provides a graphical representation of both historical and realtime data that will increase your DB2 database's performance and availability and increase your DBA's productivity.

gvCollect. Get the Picture on your DB2 Performance

gvCollect captures and displays historical DB2 monitor data. The monitor data is captured periodically and saved. A display of this daily history allows simple recognition of trends in the different monitor elements and thus changes in resource usage. gvCollect runs on Windows and selected Unix servers running DB2.

For an evaluation copy, please contact us.

gvGraph. Get the Picture on your DB2 Performance

gvGraph, running on a Windows client, captures and displays real time DB2 monitor data from Linux, Unix or Windows servers.

Download a free evaluation copy now.

gvGraph Express for Windows. Get the Picture on your DB2 for Windows Performance

This no-charge version of gvGraph runs on a Windows DB2 server and displays DB2 monitor data and selected Windows monitor data.

Would you like to try the Beta version? Download a copy now.

Our Services

GrapeVine IT provides Consulting services in database design, database implementation and performance reviews on the OS/390, Unix and Windows platforms.

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